Different experience, same result

“You are perfect healthy ma’am. The weakness you felt is the normal phenomenon. Since you are almost 65 years old. This feeling is inevitable. Just be careful your diet and do more exercises.” Doctor said.

She stared at her reflection carefully in mirror without responding doctor. She found out that there are countless wrinkles on her face. Her skin was no longer smooth and soft. Time left those trace to her in order to reminder her how old she is and how few time she left. Suddenly she realized that she is a mother of professor in a famous university. She also has two lovely grandchildren. She was quite satisfied of her life. Yet, there was a dream which is becoming a famous singer she could not accomplish any more.
She left hospital and thought about her dream. It was not her fault that she can’t finish it because her husband died long time ago. She need take care her son on her own. The worst was in that time, China was in famine. Everyone only considered how to survive. Nobody have extra energy and time to enjoy music.

She felt miserable about her dream. When she looked up and she saw a photo shop called the most beautiful moment in your life. She hesitated a moment and then entered to it. The inside decoration was kind of more old-fashioned. The floor was made by some kind of dark wood and the wall paper was so old that it was almost faded. There was no air conditioner even it was in the middle of summer. The photographer greets to her enthusiastic and said:” I can take a photograph of your most beautiful moment in your life.” She really doubted that in her mind. But she still seat formally and think her moment. After the flash. Photographer told her that come back later to grab the pictures. She got out the store and went back home.
On the way home, people around her are all kept looking at her and made her uncomfortable. She wonder why those people do that. Then two teenagers came to her with creep smile and say:” why you dress like an old lady? And do you interested at having a drink. We probably could tell you how to dress more fashionable and attractive.”

She was totally confused by what they just said. She thought they just get bored and made fun on her. When she piss off and ready to teach they a lesson about manners. She saw her reflect in the mirror beside. Where is the old lady! Why there is a beautiful young girl stand in same positions as her. She walk close to the mirror and she found out the beautiful young girl was her most beautiful moment. She was totally shocked and her mind becomes empty. She has no idea why she becomes like that. After a dazzling, she run back to the photo shop. But the store was gone like it never exist. She sits on the ground and looked sky. She still can’t believe those incredible thing which only happened in the movies or novels actually happened on herself. After a while, there is an idea in her mind that maybe it is an opportunity for her to start her life again and finish accomplish her dream. This could be a gift instead of wired thing.
She sneaked back home and take all her money. She left a note that she suddenly want to travel to some city alone. Do not worry her. She will back in few days. She know one of her friend is renting house now and it is very close to her home. It is convenient to see her family.

After all the things settled, she go to market and buy some new clothes. She look at her reflection again in the mirror. How beautiful she is. Her skin is smooth and white. Her lips is lovely red. Her eyes are big and black. All the wrinkles are gone. She still can’t understand why her time reversed. But it is not helpful to think about this question all the time. It is wiser to use this opportunity to do something she can’t when she was young.

When she go back the house she rent, she find out there is a small community singer competition and it is open for everyone. When she think whether sign in for this. Someone tapped her shoulder and ask:” do you interested join in my band? We need a leader singer”. She turns around and scream. It is one of her grandchildren. She want to run away instinctively. But after one second thought. She thought that this is not a bad idea. She can accomplish her dream and help her grandchildren. Then she agree, she make up a name called Shang. He said:” I am Fan, can we have a dinner tomorrow. Then we can discuss the competition and band together”.

In the next day dinner, she meet rest teammates of Fan’s band. There is a drummers and guitarist. She ask Fan:” do you enjoy music?” He said: “music is my favorite hobby. However my family members do not encourage me except my grandmother.” She surprised about what he said and really happy about that. He did felt her love all this year.

After some discussion about sings and style. They signed in the competition. After that they just keep practicing all the time. She recall how much fun music could bring to her and how nice be a teenager who pursuit her dream. One day she went back home, she was cut by the key accidentally. It was not a big deal. However, the skin around the wound become back. Those area was look like an old lady hand. She suddenly understood that if she lost sufficient blood. She will become back.
The competition day finally came. They practiced countless time for this. The result was amazing. They won the second award of the competition and be noticed by a man who belong to albums company. His name is Wu. He give them his business card and ask them consider visit his company. If they passed the interview. They can probably get a chance to hold a concert and become famous.

Fan went back home and tried to create some song on his own because the interview required original song of each band. He stayed at home for few weeks to working on the songs. However he didn’t have too much good progress. Therefore he decided to go to park and get some new idea hopefully.
He focused on the new songs all the time. Even when he walked across the street. As a result of this, he didn’t notice a truck was lost control and headed to him. He had been crashed by the truck very badly. Someone saw that and called 120 immediately which is the emergency phone number of ambulance in China.

Although the ambulance came and delivered him to hospital very quickly. He still lost a big amount of blood. Unfortunately, his blood type was extremely rarely. This hospital did not have any blood match to his.

Fan’s family came as soon as they can. After that Shang came over as well. She was much more sad than rest family member. She love him so much and when the nurse told them that hospital do not have blood match to Fan’s. Hospital need to get blood from other hospital or facilities. But there are some risk involved. There may have some delay during transportation of blood. And if the best time to save him. He probably will have serious life threat.

She told nurse without hesitation that her blood would match. She fully aware that if she donate her blood. She would become back. She would loss the only opportunity to chase her dream. And now she just got excellent progress on it. However, for her, she couldn’t take the risk whatever how small it is. She won’t be happy even she accomplished her dream. But her grandchildren has been hurt.

The operation finished. She looked at herself in mirror. It was like a dream. And through this she totally aware that how important family member could be compared to anything else.

Life always be not perfect. Our life have various sadness. But compare to those things which is really matter to us. We will find out how insignificant the sadness will be. At last, life is short. Do whatever you want and ignore the doubting from others. We do not live for them.


Personal addition setting


It was a cloudy day. Sun became invisible by those clouds. It seemed that there would be a heavy rain soon. The train stopped beside platform. It supposed to be a very old train. There are some stream around it. I guess it was a steam train. There are few people lined up to get into the train. Behind the platform, it was a huge castle. According to my guess, it must be the train station appearantly. 

3 settings

Room 1 one of the most popular room that international student would like to stay. This room is always full of people, especially during the lunch. Some students are playing computer. Some are chatting about current events with various different languages. There are also few students working on their assignment and asking assistant teachers for help. However, many people like to have lunch in there and it sometimes smell badly. Overall it is a great place for us to stay when we do not have class or need help from assistant teacher.

Room 2 is one of the biggest classroom in our school. There are thousands of books for students reading. No drinking and eating  even talking allowed in here. As a result of this, this room always allow students focus easier on their assignment. It is also for those provincial exams because this room is constantly silent.

Room 3 is a chemistry classroom. There are dozen of scientific devices hang on the wall and some chemical products containers on the table. Students concil always come here and discuss some events they organized every Tuesday.

6 word mimoirs # 5


I used to use my phone cheating on the Chinese test to get high mark because in Chinese teacher’s view, mark is everything. If you can’t memorize those knowledge, they will force you by copy it hundreds times use hand. You can’t go home until finish. I did this because I didn’t have other choice. The punishment was cruel.

6 word mimoirs #4

This is the night view of my hometown called Shenzhen. It is one of the biggest city in China. Lots of people moved to here for making money and now it is developed to a international metropolis. Living here is convenient and interesting. There are a lot entertainment facilities. I always spent time on those to have some fun. There are also various kind of restaurants from not only diffenrent part of China but also different countries. I miss it so much, everyday I count how many days left until I go back there. Currently there are 64 days left😄